Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winzero's RemoveUnknown does the clean-up act for Windows servers

Computer Business Review
27th February 2008
By Sheetal Vyas

Winzero Technologies, a Canada-based provider of enterprise management software services, has released RemoveUnknown, a software application which the company says is the first of its kind and helps clean up Microsoft Windows Servers by removing unknown accounts found in the file, folder and share security permissions.

Winzero says that the constant changes made by users and groups sharing a network of computers in an enterprise and new users logging in and out of the systems, makes it necessary to eliminate unused accounts left behind by the users. These accounts, which remain in the server if they are not eliminated, could pose security problems through unauthorised access.

JP Hann, director of marketing, Winzero, said: "Over the years, we have developed an extensive array of software that supports Microsoft products. The ability to expand our product base and develop software solutions to remove the obstacles to deploy Windows Server 2008 is a huge benefit to our customers by providing the expertise to automate most server tasks, especially the mind-numbing repetitive ones."

The software, the evaluation version for which is available on the company website, centrally audits, reports and deletes unknown accounts. It claims to offer a single click service for IT professionals and enables them to generate immediately unknown accounts reports and delete them if required.

According to Akos Sandor, vice president, Microsoft enterprise solutions for Winzero, the company conducted a survey amongst Windows server administrators to understand their requirements for software applications. It was found that most of them wanted a product that would enable them to offer in-depth reporting and removing unknown accounts from Windows server security permissions.

The three major reasons they used to back their requirement were, administration, security, and migration to Windows Server 2008. Winzero RemoveUnknown addresses all the three areas, said Sandor.